Endorsements for Jill Brady include:

Shoreline School Board
Debi Ehrlichman, Retiring Board President
Maren Norton, Former Board Member
Patti Giboney, Former Board Member
Herb Bryce, Former Board Member
Judy Parsons, Former Board Member

Shoreline School District
Sue Walker, Former Superintendent

Washington State House of Representatives
Ruth Kagi, 32nd District Representative

Lake Forest Park City Council
Mayor Jeff Johnson
Mark Phillips
Semra Riddle
John Resha
John Wright

Shoreline City Council
Doris McConnell
Will Hall

Community & Business Leaders
Pearl & Ken Noreen
Kristi & Dan Lin
Nancy & Rich Gustafson
Theresa Greco
Melissa Robertson
Sarah Phillips
Karen Kessinger
Lorie Hoffman
Heather McNamara
Donna Hawkey
Tara Shadduck
Sis Polin
Harley O'Neil
Jan Hansen
Krista Tenney
Robin & Keith McClelland
Debbie & William Hubbell

Shoreline Public Schools Foundation
Cindy & Dave Pridemore
Judson Carroll
Christie Quigley
Laura & Ken Taylor
Barb Adams
Shelley Brodersen

Teachers & School Leaders
Kendahl & Alain Adjorlolo
Cristi Rowbotham
Cheryl Zahajko
Kim & Chris Clasen
Nyla Fritz
Lisa Collins
Melissa Sargent
Ellen Kaje
Tami Thompson
Pat Hegarty
Patty Cheng
Kristi Queen

Present & Past PTA Leaders
Lisa Surowiec
Jill Steinberg
Kim Ositis
Suzanne & Steve Gugger
Kirsten Bannister
Kim Ositis
Allison & Ken Connell
Marley Banker
Susie Moore
Gena Margason
Heather Corbin
Jeff Sackett
Alfred Frates
Silje Sodal & Pete Claar
Michelle Fogerty
Wes Brandon
Sarah-Ann Woodfield
Cheryl Shdo
Jennifer & David Stallings
Carol Fyall
Kirsten & John Vogel
Deci Evans
Mary Kay Parsek
Beth Neils
Alisa Jerauld
Molly Kosten
Wendy Zieve
Todd Emerson
Lisa & Matt Plancich
Alice & Mike Lawson

Community Supporters
Paul Miner
Kelly Flynt
Holly Fisher
Amanda & Chris Jones
MaryBeth McCormack
Priscilla Soto
Carrie LaMarr
Martine Twito
Rena & Doug Holman
Diana Akin
Kathy Brandstetter
Katerina Thiel
Beth & Mike Donnelly
Eric & Kelli Corning
Gordon & Mary Stephenson
Sandy Jones
DuAnna Nestegard
Mike & Diane Zevenbergen
Jorien Smythe
Ginny Ware
Mary Prieve
Laurie Gordon & Steve Sandweiss
Brandi Weill
Susan Treat
Lynette & Ryan Bixby
Ruth Caple
Jodi Waltier Walker
Kristen Larsen
McKenna Bixby
Susan Youngsman
Chris Zempel
Jean Reid
Jean Hoffmann
Tom Mailhot
Norma Hanberg
Judy & Bob Allen
Sally Yamasaki
Jim Shea
Connie Barnes
Joanna Freeman
Alice Currah
Jennifer Williams Joyce

What People are Saying:

"I am endorsing Jill Brady because I think she can step in seamlessly and take on the responsibilities of a School Board Director. She is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about this district where her kids have been educated and she has volunteered for many years!"  Debi Ehriclichman, Retiring School Board President

"Jill Brady is the clear choice for Shoreline School Board. She has served in a wide variety of school related roles, parented her 2 children through the Shoreline schools and has tirelessly worked for the good of our community. She has the experience and work ethic our school board needs. She has my vote!"  Tami Thompson, teacher

"Jill is an excellent choice...She has extensive experience in the Shoreline community, combined with parental experience in all three levels of Shoreline Schools. Everything she does is done with integrity, warmth, and drive."  Lisa Surowiec, community leader

"I endorse Jill Brady because her passion, activism, and dedication through the many years of volunteerism within Shoreline Schools is exemplary and legendary. Her devout commitment to our students, teachers, administrators, and community is exactly what we need in our District to keep our schools growing in excellence. Although she is well known for ALWAYS being willing to lend a hand, her genuine warmth and love for our community is why she has my vote and why she deserves yours."  Alice Currah, parent

"Having known and worked with Jill for years through PTA and the Schools Foundation I can vouch that there is no one I know better prepared for the school board position. She understands the issues and is completely focused on what's best for kids."  Jeff Sackett, longtime PTA leader

Who's endorsing

KIMSeattle (Kids in Medicine & Science)

26 endorsements

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  • endorsed 2017-10-14 21:25:35 -0700
  • KIMSeattle (Kids in Medicine & Science) endorsed 2017-10-05 20:47:00 -0700
  • endorsed 2017-10-01 09:45:15 -0700
  • endorsed 2017-09-29 18:07:48 -0700
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-09-28 23:29:58 -0700
    I'm endorsing Elect Jill Brady. Please join me!
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  • endorsed 2017-09-18 18:15:32 -0700
    We endorse Jill Brady for Shoreline School Board!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-09-17 19:28:36 -0700
    I'm endorsing Elect Jill Brady. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2017-09-17 19:26:54 -0700
    I have worked with Jill for several years in the Shorecrest PTSA. I know she will work hard for our school district and continue to put the needs of our students first
  • endorsed 2017-09-14 15:45:30 -0700
    I have volunteered with Washington State PTA and through our connections at Shoreline Council and our local units, I have observed Jill’s dedication and drive as a leader. Serving as a legislative chair for several years, she has been educated and served tirelessly! She has not only been an advocate for her own children, but for the children of our district and across the state. I highly recommend her for this position!
  • endorsed 2017-07-23 18:06:26 -0700
  • endorsed 2017-06-25 11:57:19 -0700
    Best of luck Jill!
  • endorsed 2017-06-09 10:07:24 -0700
  • endorsed 2017-06-08 00:39:23 -0700
  • endorsed 2017-06-07 22:45:55 -0700
  • endorsed 2017-05-30 08:39:43 -0700
    Jill Brady is a dedicated parent and citizen of our community. She is a great representative for Shoreline and Lake Forest Park.
  • endorsed via 2017-05-25 06:25:35 -0700
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-25 04:47:43 -0700
    I'm endorsing Elect Jill Brady. Please join me!
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